How’s it going?


It’s been two weeks since I started to try and flip my life around (like the Fresh Prince himself) and what a crazy two weeks it has been.

First of all I started a health journal (credit to Alivia d’Andrea on YouTube for this idea – click here for more information), and this has helped me with my weight loss progress so much. So far, I’ve lost 5 pounds and started eating a lot healthier, and I’m hoping, with the help of this journal, I can keep it this way.

Secondly, my attitude to school is on the road to improvement. Admittedly, it’s not as great as it could be but I’m getting there and that’s okay for now. I’m revising a lot more for assessments, but I know I could be doing more wider revision in preparation for my GCSE’s. I am going to put loads of effort into focusing from now on, and really make a huge attempt to kick procrastination for good.

Also, I’m trying to be better in general and kinder to others. I’ve been spending a lot more time with my family than usual and I’m trying to interact with people who I wouldn’t usually talk to in a more positive way. I’m putting loads of effort into supporting various young children I work with when I volunteer at my primary school. However, I do think I need to try harder to be a better friend. I’m going to try to be fully supportive and helpful to my friends from now on. If you’re one of them, let me know how I can be better, or if I’ve done something to upset you so I can be better, please!

Finally, perhaps the most important improvement I’ve made recently is to my confidence. I actually can’t believe some of the things I’ve been achieving and conquering lately. Last week, I stood up and spoke spontaneously in front of all the teachers at my school about my feelings, and the most amazing part was that they listened and they cared about what I was saying. Some staff members at school have been stopping me in hallways and I’ve even received a letter from one telling me about the impact I made on them as teachers. I’ve never felt so recognised at school and, honestly, it feels great. A company called Humanutopia came to my school a few weeks ago and they inspired me and others to really take control of our lives and become the best person we can be. The activities they’ve run have massively helped me to come out of my shell and try out new things, including enlisting in their Heroes Programme.

Right now, I’m in an amazing space and I’m so grateful for those around me contributing to it. I hope I can continue to be the best I can, and I hope I’ve inspired you to do the same.

Thanks for reading.

Sending smiles your way,

– Sophie xx


I made a mistake…


If you’ve been following this blog for a while, or if you’ve wandered into my older posts, then you’re probably familiar with an event which took place in spring:

Lent – 40 Days of Productivity

During Lent I promised all of you and myself that I would be productive for 40 days straight… and I did it.

However, I didn’t continue with the productivity afterwards.

My aim for Lent was to develop new habits and hobbies to make myself a better person, such as meditation, exercise, healthy eating, sleeping early and blogging and taking photos daily. This productivity project left me in one of the best mindsets I’ve been in for a long time, and I was doing fantastic mentally and physically for a while afterwards. Then, I dropped all of the habits I’d picked up in Lent. My mental health didn’t deteriorate, but my physical health did. I found myself constantly procrastinating and filling hours upon hours with mindless browsing of the internet, neglecting my studies and shunning my hobbies. This eventually led to me putting off school work of any kind and stressing about it later on, causing me to comfort eat like crazy. This was not good.

Over summer I put on weight, seriously messed up my skin and went on 2 blog hiatus’, and my work ethic only got worse as the year progressed. I’ve never been good with going back to school (I put a lot of pressure on myself and end up extremely stressed for weeks) and so when school started things just went downhill.

I’ve not been revising nearly as much as I should and I’ve developed a dangerous habit of leaving all my homework to the last minute. Slowly, I’ve slipped deeper and deeper into procrastination’s addictive jaws. I’m even trying to write a book with help from my friends and I’ve been in such a slump that I’ve hardly done anything for it (if you’re reading this Ella, I’m extremely sorry.)

Finally, this week, everything came crashing down around me. Beforehand, I’d been coasting along letting everything fall apart, but feeling fine and all in all pretty disconnected from everything. This week, though, I’ve sort of realised everything I’ve done and how messed up my life is currently, and I’m super upset about it.

So, I’m going to change it.

Starting TODAY (yes, today) I’m going to be getting my life back in order. I’m hoping that, by sharing my plan with you, I’ll be more likely to follow through. Hopefully.

I’ll be updating you guys on how I’m doing and how my life is (with my usual content too, don’t worry) and whether I’ve been able to get it together. So, stay tuned to find out whether I’m actually being healthy, doing my hair, wearing things other than T-shirts, and doing my homework properly.


Thanks so much for reading.

Sending smiles your way,

– Sophie xx

Happy Birthday!


Today is an important day:

The first birthday of this blog!

One year ago today, I created this blog with no idea what I was doing, and sent my first post out into the world. One year ago today, I did something I never thought I’d do and share my views online. One year ago today, I started the first activity I’ve actually stuck at for a long time.

This isn’t the biggest blog ever and I know that, but I’m still so grateful for my followers who help put a smile on my face. Whenever I get a new follower, or a like, or a lovely comment, it always makes my day because I know that my work has made a positive impact on somebody out there.

I hope I can continue to grow and hopefully help more people with this blog in the future. I’m looking forward to what it holds and I can’t wait to continue this journey.

Thank you so so much if you’re reading this: whether you’ve been here since the beginning or you’re just joining now, THANKYOU!

I love you all so much – here’s to another year,

-Sophie xx

One tiny drop

“We can all be insignificant together, significantly” – Kian Hyde.


I hope you’re having a lovely day and, if not, I hope tomorrow is better. If you didn’t already know, today is World Mental Health Day, and in today’s world I believe that it’s crucial that we all make our mental health a priority. Anybody can suffer from mental health issues, and the chances are that we’ll all have them throughout our lifetime, however severe. This is why it’s so extremely important to treat everyone around you with love, support and kindness, because you never know what they could be going through. It’s also so extremely important to show yourself this same love, support and kindness, and ensure that you are the happiest and healthiest you can be mentally.

My friend Kian said the quote above a while ago, and it really made me think. There are several billion people on this planet, and, if you didn’t already know, that’s quite a lot. In fact, it’s pretty impossible to even imagine that many people. When you think about yourself – one out of billions – you can feel pretty insignificant. You’re just one small drop in a very large ocean, one particle in a very large object, one star in a very very very large sky…

However, that doesn’t mean you should stop shining.

You are important, you are valid, you are beautiful and you are amazing. Though you might be one star out of billions, though you might feel insignificant, you’re not.

There will be people who find strength and determination and love in your light. There are people who love you, who value you and who adore seeing your light day to day. For some people, you are the brightest star in their sky. For some people, you might be the only light in a dark expanse.

Never forget how important you are, never put yourself down, and never doubt your self worth. Nobody is happy all the time, but, if you can change your mood from sad to happy, then do. Make yourself happy, make your life more joyful and make your presence a cheerful one. Laugh, smile and live in the moment. Stay positive. ❤

Sending smiles your way,

– Sophie xx

Do Something For Me


I’m writing this in intermittent bursts between homework, revision and replying to messages, but I have to get it down before I go to sleep and forget it.

Welcome to my blog if you’re new and welcome back if you’re not so new. My name is Sophie and I love the world.

I like to appreciate things: nature; people; life; the sun; biscuits. Recently I’ve been in a not-so-great mindset (mainly due to a little thing called back to school) and I can’t see the world for the fog clouding my vision, and I can’t think for the stressed out voice constantly screaming in my head.

However, I’m okay right now and my mind is clear so I’m thinking about life. Arguably, a pretty important thing. And I’m thinking about why the hell we have this cool gift, who gave it to us, and, most importantly, how do we use it?

The answer is agonisingly simple:

However you want.

So do something for me, and live your life the way you want to. Don’t do what’s expected of you, but instead do what makes you happy. Live effortlessly, carelessly and with joy and passion for everything you do. Don’t get stuck in the past, don’t immerse yourself in the future. Focus on now. Focus on smiling and the people and the sights and the sounds around you, because nobody knows how long they’ll be there for.

Be aware of your fingers turning the page of a book, of your toes in the sand, of your head on your pillow. Appreciate your best friends smile, the bird perched on your windowsill, the exact colour, shade and texture of your bedroom wall. Focus on the smell of freshly cut grass; cookies in the oven and your favourite perfume. Don’t just hear the wind outside, open your window and really listen to it.

Be aware of every sensation: tears rolling down your cheeks, the feeling of panic rising in your chest, because even though these things aren’t the most pleasant, they let us know we’re here, present, alive.

Laugh. Laugh unashamedly and loud. Laugh until you’re gasping for breath and wheezing. Laugh so hard that you snort and then laugh even harder. Laugh with friends, with family, alone. Laugh at the TV, and at jokes and laugh in the worst situations.

Do something for me, and make every moment a happy one.

Smile, laugh, breathe. Be you and be wonderful. Live with no regrets.

– Sophie Xxx

Guest Blog – Life Choices

Heya kids, it’s not Sophs

It me, Jake. I have taken over Sophie’s blog in hopes to grow bigger and better. But now I feel bad and I’m gonna give it back. But first, let me abuse my power….

So, everyone, from all over the world will live a different life to everyone else. Everyone’s life is their own and no one else can have it, this is thanks to a lotta lotta stuff, one of those stuffs is, our Life Choices.

I don’t know how trust worthy the source is but thanks to a pretty popular video I saw from Prince Ea, there was a study done, a hospital study, that asked some of the elderly who were close to the end of their life to look back, and think about their biggest regret. Seem’s kinda rude I know but, stick with me, most people said it wasn’t what they did, but what they didn’t do, that they most regret. Most people don’t fear death, they fear dying and not ever having lived.

Now you may ask,

“Jake did you just steal a whole paragraph from Prince Ea?”

And yes I did but for good reason, it’s to show that because of their life choices, these elderly people felt regretful, it defined their life. Life choices are a massive part of what make us and thanks to those, we can make our own future.

WARNING Life Choices may Include:
Choosing a College, Camping with your friends, skipping class to try something fun, staying in class to learn about school things, trying risky stunts, getting into fights, breaking up fights, getting through life with a main goal, trying new things to get new goals. Anything really, I’m surprised you read this far, I mean you got the main idea from the first two but you carried on reading, I’l wrap it up, Joining a club

Sophs here had made a few life choices, I’ve made a few poor ones but who’s counting. The main message here before I return back to my hole of a blog, don’t skip out on opportunities, make the right choices and you can live your best life

K g’night get out


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