Day 14: Moonbeams

Hello! This is a poem I wrote about my friend Barry, check them out here! This is another one where I’m using aesthetics for my descriptions because I’m so fancy, yet again.


A family of fireflies;
Blazing life in a glass jar
They light the night sky with their love;
A billion tiny stars

A mind brimming with bright ideas –
A universe trapped inside
The bashful smiles and hidden grins
You’re unable to hide

The rainbow in the midnight sky
After a thunderstorm
Warm, freckled smiles and blushing cheeks;
A rose without the thorns

Quilted hugs which feel like home,
Smoke from a thriving fire
A heartbeat on a monitor
Whose thumping never tires

Spacedust on old photographs
Skin bathed in bright moonbeams
Paintbrushes revealing inky art;
A picture of hopes and dreams

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

As a little ending note from me, I’m so so so pleased to announce that today we reached 100 FOLLOWERS! After being on this platform for almost a year and a half, I’m so grateful that I’ve finally passed this milestone and I can only hope that we can continue to grow and get better as time goes on. I’m going to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my friends on this platform who’ve supported me for so long, and also to my first ever follower, Em @ busy bee reads (click here for that blog!). I remember the day when I got that first follow and feeling so so happy and excited at the idea of someone real, out there in the world, taking an interest in me. Thank you to all of my followers too, whether you’ve been here for a year or for a few hours, THANKYOU for being with me on this journey, I cannot express my gratitude enough. ❤

Stay tuned for more daily Lent posts!

Sending smiles your way,

– Sophie xx


Day 13: Oceans

Hello! This is a poem I wrote about my friend Jake because he’s such an amazing dude and it’s based on aesthetics because I’m fancy like that I guess.

Here we go:


A lone soul on the promenade;
Etched footprints in the sand
A strong shoulder to cry on;
Gentle fingers squeezing your hand

A castle in the forest
Built with purpose: brick by brick
Biting wit and sharpened humour;
Never missing beat nor trick

Darkness falling on a city
Tranquil, quiet, full of peace
Ink spilling into a notebook;
Noisy thoughts gaining release

A candle in the darkness:
A spark which all can find
A multitude of brave ideas –
A whole world concealed in the mind

The calmness of the ocean;
Silver shorelines of the coast
A shy smile and a muffled laugh
Lifts you when you need it most

Thankyou for reading! I hope you all enjoyed and most of all I hope Jake enjoyed too! Click here for his blog, because it’s really good.

Stay tuned for more daily Lent posts!

Sending smiles your way,

– Sophie xx

Day 12: Update #2

Hello! Welcome back to another one of my weekly updates covering how I’m doing in my productivity goals. Here we are,

Update #2

GOAL 1: Blog every day

As you can probably tell, I’m doing just fine in this field. Not much more to say.

GOAL 2: Go to bed before 10:30 every night

Not doing too well with this one at the minute. This week, though, I’m going to put a heavy focus on this goal because at the minute I’m super tired which is having a bad impact on other areas of my life. I actually fainted yesterday so I feel like that’s a bit of a wake-up call (no pun intended) for me to get a bit more sleep, especially since I’m taking the exercise so seriously.

GOAL 3: Stay on top of schoolwork

I’m actually doing pretty well with this one and I’m proud of myself for it. On Friday night, I completed all my homework for the coming week which really lifted a weight off of my shoulders. It also freed up a lot of time at the weekend which I subsequently used to revise for an RE test I have in the coming weeks. All in all, this goal is going pretty well and I’m super pleased with my progress.

GOAL 4: Improve my physical health

There’s not much of a change for this one. I’m putting more and more effort in to workouts than ever before. I’m making a conscious decision to make sure I do enough every evening without overdoing it, but I’m not doing as well with my diet. I have improved since last week, don’t get me wrong, but I’m still not the best I can be. I’m grabbing junk food a lot whenever I see it and eating snacks for the sake of it. Not good. On the bright side though, I’m doing very well in trying to get the right amount of water every day. I’ve drank my recommended amount or above it every day this week.

GOAL 5: Improve my mentality

This one, again, is going pretty well. I’m finding myself consistently more confident and happy with my appearance, and I’m feeling anxious a lot less. Furthermore, I’m spending a lot less time online which I think has had quite a large positive impact, and I’ve started reading again (a habit which I shouldn’t have dropped a month ago when I was pretty busy). Overall, lots of progress is being made in this one, too.

For this week, I’m going to be trying The One Minute Rule. I read about this on a BuzzFeed article and it seems like something I could benefit from. Basically, if there’s a task which needs completing and it takes under 60 seconds, you do it straight away. I feel like this will help with the productivity because I’ll be doing little things which will make a big impact to my workload.

Anyway, that was this week’s update. Let’s hope I can improve by next Sunday! Stay tuned for more daily Lent posts!

Sending smiles your way,

– Sophie xx

Day 11: A Girl Forged In Flame

Hello! It’s Saturday and that means that today I’m posting another one of my elemental poems. If you’re not familiar with these, basically I’ve written a series of 4 poems where I attempt to personify one of the four elements (air, earth, fire, water). This one is for fire – hope you enjoy!

A Girl Forged In Flame

A girl forged in flame
Sparks jump around in her eyes
Her smoke lingers like a footprint:
Rising into scorched sunset skies

A girl forged in flame
Risk and impulse built her throne
Intuition and instinct guided her;
The boldness in her bones

A girl forged in flame
With a temper that could kill
She thrives in the feeling of being alive:
Her spirit is hungry for thrill

A girl forged in flame
Her fire won’t be put out by tears
Her passion prevents it’s extinguishment;
She faces and conquers her fears

A girl forged in flame
She endures when things get dire:
She will rise from the embers when burnt:
Her ashes will start a wildfire

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more daily Lent posts!

Click here for my poem on Earth.

Sending smiles your way,

– Sophie xx

Day 10: Sunshine

Hello! Wrote this poem about my friend Abi because I love her so much. There will be more poems arriving soon about my friends so stay around for that. In the mean time, however…


Her smile is made from sunshine
It glows with beaming rays
She can make the worst things fine
Even on the darkest days

Her laugh is soft as cotton
It takes me back to lands
Which have long been forgotten:
Sighing seas and golden sands

Her hair is a flowing sunset
It’s whimsical and wild
She’s the kindest person I’ve ever met
With the youth and fun of a child

Her hugs are cosy, safe and warm
They always feel like home
She’s there during the thunderstorms
So I’ll never be alone

I hope that we’ll keep sharing
Precious memories until the end
Because she’s lovely and strong and caring
And I love having her as a friend

Thanks for reading! You can check out Abi’s blog here because she’s so cool and so lovely so read read read it!! Stay tuned for more daily Lent posts!

Sending smiles your way,

– Sophie xx

Day 9: Go. Run.

Hi! This is a little poem I wrote today. It’s not the best but I like the structure of it a lot. Hope you enjoy!


Running –
Running so, so fast,
And panting – praying my lungs will last
My head is beating as loud as my chest
My feet bound over concrete; ceaseless unrest

This is crazy
Absurd, insane
I smile as my face is battered by rain
I’m free and I’m cold and I’m so, so alive
The edge of comfort is where I thrive

This is me
And I am good
I’ll keep running forever; I know that I should
My breath will catch and my limbs may ache
But I know that I’m doing this for my own sake

I’m happy;
Jumping with jubilance and joy
Inching out of my shell – I’m no longer coy
I step off the walls and everything’s real I know how to live; I know how to feel

I am brave
And I am here
I’m blissful and beaming and free of my fear
I am unstoppable; I’ll run for miles
With unfailing stamina and unwavering smiles

The sun is out:
Proclaiming the dawn
I’m cheerful and confident: my side free of thorns
Each step is a symbol of how far I’ve come
I shed fear from my shoulders the more that I run

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and I also hope you stay tuned for more daily Lent posts!

Sending smiles your way,

– Sophie xx

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