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I haven’t posted in almost a month for a variety of reasons including school, holidays and my own stupidity. Basically, I’ve had a lot on my plate and also I had a dream where I uploaded a blog, and I thought that the dream was real. Oops.

Today I’m doing something a little bit different than usual. One of my favourite music artists, Emma Blackery, recently released her much-anticipated album. I’ve been following her journey and development in her YouTube videos and couldn’t wait for the albums eventual release, especially after hearing the singles. Today I’ll be ranking the songs from my least favourite to favourite. It was so hard to do this because I love each and every track on this album. I couldn’t fault any and they’re all so unique and amazing.

So, here we go…

11: Petty

This song is really good, and I love the chorus and the beat of it. It’s great how Emma explains through her words the development of her relationship, and how she went from pretty to petty in this persons eyes.

10: What I Felt With You

The lyrics to this song are so touching and so memorable. Any listener can clearly see how much emotion Emma must have poured into this one. She can communicate her thoughts and feelings so well with the ideas displayed in this song and it’s beautiful.

9: Dirt

This song is so great and so incredibly sassy. Emma’s lyrics are genius and I was so impressed after listening to this for the first time. It’s also too catchy for it’s own good and I was singing it everywhere when it was first released. I thought it was super smart of Emma to release this as her first single, because it set the tone for the album quite nicely without spoiling some of the deeper and more meaningful songs.

8: Take Me Out

The lyrics are what make this song so amazing. There are certain parts which I can relate to and I think that Emma conveys really well her feelings of paranoia and fear at who might come for her. As well as being extremely catchy, this song has an amazing deeper meaning.

7: Agenda

The music video for this song is what gives it the extra edge, for me. The song and video really show off Emma’s refusal to conform to society’s, and others, expectations of her. I think the lyrics are brilliant and the melody is so great.

6: Fake Friends

This is another super catchy one and I love the tune so much. The chorus has been stuck in my head and I love the savagery in the lyrics. You can really feel Emma’s emotion at whoever the song’s about come through in the way it’s written.

5: Icarus

I think this song is the most creative on the album. I love the tune and the slower tempo but most of all I love the fact that it’s based on the legend of Icarus. I feel like Emma must have put a lot of hard work and effort into the lyrics so that they both reflected her situation and worked alongside the legend the song is based on. The symbolism and metaphorical lyrics in this song make it one of the best on the album.

4: Third Eye

I LOVE the chorus of this song. The melody completely compliments the lyrics and it’s so catchy that it’s been stuck in my head all week. This is one of my new favourite songs and I’ll be listening to it for ages.

3: Villains p1

I think that this song is a really great opener to the album. It really sets the tone for ‘Villains’ and introduces the whole concept of Emma categorising people as good and bad, and her list of Villains. It’s beautifully written and overall super catchy and completely mind-blowing.

2: Villains p2

I actually think that this song is the best on the album, but it’s not my top spot for reasons I’ll discuss in a moment. I absolutely adore the emotion you can hear in Emma’s voice when she sings this and I think that it closes the album amazingly. The lyrics are genius and they truly help convey how helpless things can get when you have nobody to turn to. I’ve never heard anybody show so much raw emotion in a song before like Emma manages to do in this one, and it’s so incredibly touching and makes me want to cry with her. So very few songs can do this to people and this is why I believe Villain’s 2 is so precious.

1: Burn The Witch

Even though I don’t believe it’s the best on the album, this song is certainly my favourite. I know everyone’s interpretations will be different, but when I listen to this song it feels like Emma is listing what are, in her opinion, her worst qualities. She’s admitting all her faults and laying them out for people to hear, so that she can ‘Burn the Witch’ and let go of all those things. The reason this song touched me so deeply is because recently I’ve been trying to do the same thing, and ‘Burning The Witch’ is currently one of my top priorities. That might not be the ‘correct’ interpretation, but I feel like any interpretation which can help a listener is worthwhile. Overall, I just love the personal meaning this song carries for me.

So, there was my speedy review. I STRONLY urge you to check out the album by clicking here.

Thanks so much for reading.

Sending smiles your way,

Sophie xx


The Aftermath

The building is now a pile of rubble. The boat has sank. She is gone, but I am not. I’m still here and I’m alive. My lungs are filled with smoke, my head with fog, but I am alive.

The girl in the boat is dead. I don’t miss her, and neither will anyone else. There will be no search parties, no missing posters, no tears shed in her memory. I could’ve saved her; taken her away from the boat and down the stairs and out of the door, as walls fell down behind us, but I didn’t. I couldn’t. It would never work. She could never sit and watch the island collapse.

If I’m going to do this, I have to do it alone.

Summoning up all energy I have left, I haul myself off of the ledge and begin to clear the debris. I drag away fragments of her life: tattered scraps of clothing, scorched pieces of notebook paper – whatever she’d written there is now illegible, and I have no intention of reading it. I am better than her, stronger than her, smarter than her – and yet we are almost the same.

As I throw away the last of the reminders that the house or the girl ever existed, I get used to the emptiness. There is nothing left now, but all this means is that there is more room for me to improve, infinite possibilities to build a better person.

I stand on the dead grass where the house was just hours ago. I vow to myself that I’ll make a better house, a better home, than hers ever was.

Lord knows what’s going on but I recommend checking out my last two posts.

Sending smiles your way,

– Sophie xx

Falling Apart

It’s midnight and it’s cold and it’s dark. The sky is deep blue, not black. The city is quiet and tranquil. I am sat with my legs dangling over a ledge, raised above the streets. My arms and legs are bare and there’s a bitter chill in the air, but I do not feel cold.

There are no people bustling around, no cars cruising the streets, no lights peeking through high rise windows. No sounds except for the crackling of a fire, nearby.

There is a burning building. It could be a house, an office, a church. I don’t pay any attention. The windows are spewing flames, bricks and shards of glass falling from the structure like tears, collecting in a puddle of debris below. I hear no screams from inside the house, no sirens from a fire engine, I feel no heat from the flames licking the pavement across the road.

Nobody is inside.

I know this for sure and so I sit, staring with silent curiosity at the building. I am sat on this ledge across the road, and yet the building feels miles away. I am disconnected from the fire; a stranger looking in on someone else’s ordeal, someone else’s catastrophe, someone else’s life falling to pieces.

And I sit. I sit and watch the building burn, and I feel nothing.

Bit morbid.

Sending smiles your way,

-Sophie xx


There’s a vast expanse of grey water, stretching to the ends of the earth.

There’s a small, wooden, rickety boat, bobbing along the surface.

There’s a thick, suffocating blanket of fog surrounding the boat, hovering above the water.

There’s me. Sat in the boat, struggling to navigate through the mist which sticks to me like glue. I’m trying to get to the island – the only place where I am welcome and safe. My Sanctuary. I want to get there, I need to get there, I have to get through the impenetrable fog.

I can’t see anything. I squint and struggle and strain my eyes. Still, the island is invisible; nothing and nowhere. Somehow, I must puncture a hole in the fog cushioning me, enveloping me, smothering me.

I’m tired and I’m weary and I want nothing more than to curl up in the bottom of my boat and sleep, blanketed in fog, waves rocking me out of consciousness; deadly comfort.

But I can’t.

In the distance I hear voices. Shouts and exclamations from my island. It seems like all the inhabitants are yelling over each other, each louder than the last, demanding attention.

The shouts are endless, amplified until they sound like screams in my ears. Every voice merges into one deafening wail, and now it’s impossible for me to even pick out words from the jumbled mess.

I am alone. I am scared, unable to focus and still unable ignore the voices. I am lost.

Thanks for reading!

Sending smiles your way,

Sophie xx


Weird little poem for you lot


Watch a book and read the TV
Swim through the sand and dance on the sea
Paint skies of green and grass that’s blue
Don’t do what’s expected of you

Headbang to jazz and slow dance to rock
Laugh at sadness and cry with shock
Believe in what others don’t think is true
Don’t do what’s expected of you

Have fun when the world is falling apart
Break your kindness in pieces and share out your heart
With all those who need love, since so many do
Don’t do what’s expected of you

Don’t know what that was but I hope you enjoyed it!

Sending smiles your way,

-Sophie xx

A slightly longer haiku

A haiku for all the flower children:

Blades of grass, armed with
Flowers, shooting love at the
Enemy’s Towers

Fighting hate with hope
And light, continuing their
Non-violent fight

A war without the
Injury and death, where no one
Takes their final breath

If only we could
live this way, where the hate will
Lose and love may stay

Thanks for reading!

Sending smiles your way,

-Sophie xx

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