Guest Blog- Friendship Through My Eyes

Hello Sophie’s blog! Sorry that sounds very very cringey but anyway, I’m Ella from ellaanneblogs.

You might have read my blog from the link that Soph posted yesterday but if not please go and check it out because I have been posting daily recently for the most cliché reason.


To be honest I really have enjoyed it and have kept at it even though I’ve been ill, had a panic about revision and also have been dealing with some very confusing people and so I am extremely proud of my self for my constant posts (modest I know.). Anyway I asked Sophie if she wanted to swap blogs for the day so we could maybe grow our platforms and also have some fun on each other’s sights (that sounds very wrong.) and so we did! I hope you enjoy my post and if you do you can head over to my site linked here…

Please give it a read and now onto the post…


I decided that I’d write about friendship because well… Sophie is my friend. Actually my best friend alongside my other best friend Aleks and I love them both immensely.

You may be thinking but Ella, can’t you only have one best friend? If you are then you’re a spoon because you shouldn’t just limit yourself to one person as a best friend. I’ve learnt that the hard way.

As you grow up you learn that people are strange and that if you find a person who is as strange as you then you should stick by them. However, what if more than one person is as strange as you? Well then my friend that means that you can have more than one best friend in your life!

I limited myself to one best friend for a long time and when we grew apart it was like we were attached to each other and couldn’t quite remove ourselves. Ugh it was PAINFUL and honestly I felt drained by that person whenever I was around them towards the end of our friendship.

Now I’ve realised that by having more than one best friend you are in fact being a life saver for everyone. Your best friends should complete you, but in different ways. For example Sophie and I share a love for books whilst Aleks and I share a love for Finn Wolfhards face (Soph likes it too but not as much!).

Anyway the morale of this post is that you should never just strap yourself to one person but embrace as many people as possible (not in a literal sense.).

I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet rant! Head over to my blog for more of it! Here’s another shameless promotion…

Thanks for reading and follow Sophie! See you




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