Just a Thing I Wrote


I felt like I needed to post because it’s been a while, so this is just a little passage I wrote for my English class a while ago.

Early morning. The cold wrapped it’s chilly arms around me, enveloping me in its bitter blanket. My hands were ice cubes; frozen stiff as I struggled to resist the overtaking cold. Fatigue overtaking, I slowed my pace. Circumspectly, I avoided ice with caution, being careful not to slip. The aqua blue patches glimmered in the shimmering sun.

The atmosphere was one of gloom and isolation. Grey wisps wrestled with semi-darkness as the moon, an iridescent pearl in the sky, looked on. Shivering, I pulled my coat tighter around me: a shield to shelter me from the sharp, piercing daggers of ice. What else could I do? Tired, I trudged onwards as treacherous tendrils of cold snipped at my heels.

I know it’s definitely not the best but I’m working to improve my creative writing skills in the future. All the writing in that passage and all photos used are mine, please don’t use without asking permission!

Thanks for reading!

-Sophie xx


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