Day 1 – Lent Productivity


I didn’t realise it was Lent until yesterday. My friend asked me what I was having on my pancakes and, when they saw how confused I was, explained that it was Pancake (Shrove) Tuesday. I go to a Catholic school so we’re encouraged to give up an item of food or drink, or maybe even an activity like video games, for Lent. I don’t give things up for the stupidest reason: my birthday. Every year, Lent and my birthday fall at the same time and, if I were to give something up, I wouldn’t be able to eat it on my birthday.

This year, however, is different. Yesterday I made a hasty (and quite possibly stupid) decision to actually do something this Lent. So, I’ve decided to give up being unproductive. Basically, I’m going to be productive and avoid procrastination at all costs. I’m also going to try and take care of myself a bit better. This productivity project includes:

  • Blogging every day: This one is scariest for me because I’m not sure if I can find something to blog about for 40 straight days. However, my friend Ella at Ella Anne Blog managed to blog for quite a few days in a row at Christmas. Nevertheless, if I miss a day, assume I have failed.
  • Going to bed before 9:30: I’m seriously sleep deprived and tired as of late so I think that going to bed early is a necessary addition to the plan. The only exceptions to this rule are social events like sleepovers or parties, etc.
  • Doing homework the night I get it: I’ve recently developed a habit of leaving my homework to the last minute, but throughout the next 40 days I’m going to attempt the near-impossible task of getting it all done the night it’s set. This is one I can only hope to achieve.
  • Start spending less time on the internet: Pretty much all of my time when I’m not doing school work or with my family or sleeping is spent online. I want to try and kick this unhealthy habit and instead try more creative and beneficial hobbies like reading, photography and school revision.
  • Exercise: At the moment I aim to exercise at least 3 times a week, but throughout the next 40 days I’ll aim to exercise every night, except, again, for nights when I’m at sleepovers or parties straight after school.

So, this is what I aim to achieve over the next 40 days. It won’t be easy but I’m going to try and put 100% effort in. All photos are taken by me and please ask permission before use. See you tomorrow!

– Sophie xx


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