Day 2 – My Top 5 Pink Floyd Songs


One of my favourite bands is Pink Floyd. They’re quite an old band as they started making music some time around the 1960’s. I inherited my love for Pink Floyd (and a few other bands) from my dad, who loved their music and still does. He would always play their greatest hits in the car when I was little, so I basically knew all the words to ‘Comfortably Numb’ before I even knew what numb meant. So, here are


1: Fearless
I love this one so so much and it tops my list because it reminds me of my late grandfather, and my dad. In my opinion, the song also carries the message that a positive attitude helps you get a task done a lot quicker. Overall, it’s a great song.

2: Shine On You Crazy Diamond
The instrumental in this song is what makes me love it so much. The guitar riff is just amazing and, even though there aren’t many, the lyrics are really creative.

3: Time
I love the lyrics to this song and, because I’m quite young, they remind me to live in the moment and enjoy life before its too late.

4: Comfortably Numb
This is another one which I love the lyrics of. They make me feel really nostalgic for some reason and I love it. It’s a really great song.

5: Wish You Were Here
This song reminds me of the place I grew up, and the place which I still live in now. Everytime I hear it I can’t help but think of all the car journeys home from my grandparents where I would look out the window at my town when it was pitch black.

All photos by me, please ask permission before use.

– Sophie xx


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