Day 5 – Discovery


My post on day 3 was about how I was finding the lent productivity project extremely hard, and was struggling to handle it. Yesterday, I found out that the hard work I did on Thursday night payed off when I got home from my friends and realised I had no school work to do. On top of that, the geography revision I did has made me confident that I’ll never have to revise my deforestation case study again. The fact that Buenaventura mining company employs 3100 people is etched into my brain permanently. The exercise I’ve been doing every night has made me feel better about myself. So far, I’ve realised that procrastination is my worst enemy in every day life, and that it’s also what stops me from feeling like this all the time, whether it’s lent or not. Now I’ve established this, I’m going to work super hard to not slip back into my old habits once the 40 days are over.

I love having all this free time, but there’s one issue I’ve encountered..

I spend it all online.

I work hard to earn myself hours of peace, and then waste it away by lying in bed watching YouTube for hours on end. Now don’t get me wrong, YouTube is great, in moderation. What I need to do is only watch the videos I know I want to watch, and not just aimlessly sit through video after video, wasting time. Going forward, I will be trying to spend less time online for the 40 days, because I know that it will make me feel better and happier than how I feel now.

Also, make sure to check out my good friend Jake’s blog, as he’s trying out the 40 days of productivity too.

Thanks for reading! All photos by me, please ask permission before use!

-Sophie xx


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