Day 10 – Book Review: Holes


Today I thought I’d talk about a book which I re-read today in one sitting for the 5th time; Holes by Louis Sachar. I love this book so much because of its original setting, compelling plot and interesting characters. Warning: mild spoilers ahead.

Firstly, the introduction of the book is extremely effective in setting the tone for the rest of the story; describing to us Camp Green Lake, the story’s main setting. The book begins as it continues, stating the facts and offering just the right amount of description and information so that the reader stays interested.

Afterwards, Stanley is introduced. The book continues like this: swapping narratives every few chapters to tell three different, seemingly unrelated, stories. As a part of each story is told, we are given subtle clues as to how they connect. The book is structured in a similar way to another one of my favourites Listen To The Moon by Michael Morpurgo, in the sense that we are offered several different storylines which all come together in the end. I think that’s why I like the book so much, because, no matter how many times I read it, I always notice something different which provides clues towards the ending. In a way, Holes is partly a mystery story as it leads the reader trying to figure out how all the storylines and clues fit together. Overall, it’s a great read and I recommend it to everyone, because it’s such a fantastically written piece of work.

All photos by me, please ask permission before use!

– Sophie xx


5 thoughts on “Day 10 – Book Review: Holes

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  1. I’ve never really liked a novel that keeps swapping narratives. And though you might get to know about the perspectives of different people and not just the prejudiced views of the sole narrator, I somehow get confused with multiple narratives. Anyways would you recommend Holes?
    And yes, the photo on the top of this post is really great!! 🙂 🙂

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    1. First of all thank-you! I’m not experienced in photography so the fact that you like the photo is great! Also, I would definitely recommend Holes; it’s one of the few books which I can pick up anytime and still be interested and 100% captivated by the plot. Thanks for commenting!

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