Day 12 – Bridge To Terabithia


Yesterday, I re-watched one of the most, in my opinion, heart wrenching films ever; Bridge To Terabithia.


This film never fails to leave me sobbing, because of the tragic death of one of the main characters.

I feel somewhat guilty about this, but most of my sympathy upon Leslie’s death is directed at Jesse, rather than Leslie herself. However, I believe this is firstly because Leslie was the first real friend Jesse had, and he feels somewhat responsible for her death because he wasn’t there with her: and also because it seems that Leslie knew she was going to die in such a manner because of her essay. She describes knowing she’ll run out of oxygen, and being upset because she knows she won’t be able to see everything before it’s all gone; this seems like a reference to the fact that she died young, and couldn’t really experience the world before she left it. Of course, the essay could just be a form of foreshadowing or foreboding, or even mere coincidence.

I feel that the young actors were casted extremely well, and strongly channel the personalities of Jesse, Leslie and Maybelle. They are all so talented and, in my opinion, do an amazing job at getting the stories of their characters across. I think that the casting of the adults in the play was spot on too: from Leslie’s parents to the music teacher. All the actors had the exact right look and personality when portraying their counterparts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a perfect cast who are so successful in playing their roles.

If you haven’t watched this film, I strongly suggest you do, even though I just spoiled it for you. It’s absolutely heartbreaking, but it helps to remind us to hold on to the childlike wonder and imagination everybody has; to nurture it and keep it safe. Most of all, it teaches us to live life, and enjoy every moment and every breath, because nobody knows when it will end.

All photos by me, please ask permission before use!

– Sophie xx


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