Day 14 – February 2018


February ends tomorrow, so here’s my second monthly overview of the year.

February marked a fresh start for me, as my ‘free trial’ month of January ended and I started my productivity project for lent. The productivity has definitely helped me to get myself together and improve my lifestyle and mindset. Going to bed earlier has helped me become less tired, and exercising daily has improved my physical and mental health. I’ve also become more in touch with my thoughts through starting meditation. The lent productivity has definitely encouraged me to achieve my goals more than ever before.

February also brought about Valentine’s Day, which left me wondering whether a romantic relationship was a necessity to my life. I’d never considered it a huge factor, especially since I’m still a teenager. In the end I concluded that my friends and family’s support and encouragement was more important than anything else.

I also started to try and enjoy new things in February; from different musicians to mobile games. I started, and finished Stranger Things and it’s become one of my favourite shows. It’s absolutely brilliant. I’ve also started listening to new music artists, like Counterfeit, Sabrina Carpenter and Arctic Monkeys – expect blog posts about all of them in the future!

March starts on Thursday and, for me, March will bring my birthday, more productivity, and enforcement of my new-found helpful habits to carry on achieving my productive lifestyle.

All photos by me, please ask permission before use!

– Sophie xx


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