Day 15 – Take A Minute


Having a bit of a happy rant today, because people are awesome.

Next time you’re in a crowded area, take a minute to regard everyone around you. Focus on them. Think about how many individuals are in the same area as you at that present moment, how they all have their own lives and friends and families, and how there are billions more people just like them on the surface of this one planet.

Take a look around you, take a look at everyone. Briefly look at their facial expressions: how they act and look when they think nobody is watching. Take a minute to appreciate their natural beauty, a beauty which every human on this planet has in different ways. Think about how this person you are looking at is completely different and unique to any other person on this Earth, how they have their own thoughts and feelings, and that it will never be humanly possible for you to put yourself into their brain. You will never know what it’s like to be another person, in the same way that another person will never know what it’s like to be you.

Think about this persons life; the things they keep safe in their brain. A lifetime of memories, of song lyrics and quotes, of people and places and addresses and phone numbers. No two brains are alike and no two people have the same memories.

Think again about how many people are in this crowded area, all of them with unique brains. Take a minute to think about the beauty and light they give to the people and world around them. Now take a moment to think about how many people are on this Earth. They all have unique brains and thoughts. It’s pretty impossible for one person to touch the lives of everyone in the world, and you’ll never get to meet every single unique person in the world, and experience their beauty and light.

Now that you’ve taken so much from your surroundings, give something back.

Continue to be yourself and spread your own beauty and light to the world.


I don’t really know what this post was, I just felt like the world deserved some appreciation.

All photos by me, please ask permission before use.

– Sophie xx


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