Day 16 – Kenopsia

Kenopsia: The eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that is usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet.

Ever been up late?

It’s dark. It’s quiet. You’re drifting in some sort of limbo between last night and this morning. Outside it’s quiet. It’s eerie. It’s creepy. No people walk the streets; no cranky commuters, no dog walkers, no rushing kids in school uniform. Just you, and the empty world outside your window, illuminated by lonely street lights.

Ever gotten up early when it’s snowed?

The whole world outside has been enveloped in a vast white blanket and it’s pretty perfect. There are no footprints in the snow, no tyre tracks. The snow is tranquil and undisturbed and absolutely everywhere.

Ever been in a school when all the kids have gone home?

Alone. Wandering aimlessly through vast, empty, echoing hallways. The buildings seem abandoned with no children chattering, no giggles or shouts to be heard. No teachers and no screeching bell. Just the sound of your own footsteps as you walk the corridors which should be full of people.


I don’t know what this post was either, but I came across Kenopsia through a tumblr post and wanted to write about it.

All photos taken by me, please ask permission before use!

– Sophie xx


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