Day 22 – Nostalgia


I stepped outside today and an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia hit me like a truck; except it was quite a pleasant truck which made me think of some happy memories.

I don’t quite know why stepping out the front door to take the rubbish out triggered memories. Maybe it’s because I used to play outside on the grassy area right in front of my house. Maybe it’s because it’s getting a bit more mild in England and the soft spring breezes are the same ones that used to ruffle my hair up when I ran around as a young child. Maybe my brain just decided it was time to remember.

Whatever happened, it happened and instantly memories of joyful Springs, endless Summers, cosy Autumns and exciting Winters came flooding back to me.

I could see my friend’s garden gate left open; a different world for us to get lost in whilst imagining evil witches and kind fairies, courageous superheroes and devious villains. I felt the same anticipation and excitement that I had felt so many times whilst sprinting through the gate and into our magical oasis. I could hear us squealing with delight whilst jumping towards the skies on the trampoline; hair flying in all directions and hands going every which way. Sounds of laughter and joy were carried in the breeze and I listened to them with a smile on my face.

I felt the grass between my toes as I ran unpredictably around the field as my friends tried to chase me. I could hear them screaming and shouting with joy whilst running around barefoot as the sun beat down on us. The clouds would watch us with smiles on their faces and postpone the rain until another day so that we could play for longer. I remembered lugging tents and hula hoops, bikes and space hoppers, bouncy balls and skipping ropes, any toys we could get our hands on, out of sheds and garages. I felt dust on my fingers as I carelessly swept cobwebs off of toys which had hibernated through the cold winters. I could smell smoke from countless barbecues hosted in our back gardens. I tasted burnt sausages and charred burgers. I saw smiles on every face and the forgotten feeling of childlike joy and excitement filled me.

I thought of the sun slowly setting, and the street lights switching on. Before we were old enough to have mobile phones, those lights were our clocks and when they illuminated the pavement below we knew it was time to go home. I remembered saying goodbye to my friends, saying that I’d knock for them tomorrow, and then running home to return to warmth and leave the magical world we’d created.

I realised that, one day, I played out with my friends for the last time, and didn’t even realise.

I don’t know what today’s post was really, I just like to remember. All photos by me, please ask permission before use.

– Sophie xx


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