Day 23 – Words I’m Trying Not To Use


I’m trying to use the words ‘love’ and ‘hate’ less. I’m a teenage girl, so these two words escape my lips every single day. I say that I ‘love’ lots of things – from my family, to TV shows, to highlighter pens. I think the concept of loving things is one of the ones I use most often. I like to spread optimism and happiness and using the word love is one of the ways I do that. However, I feel like I use it so much that it’s lost its meaning. If I tell 5 of my friends that I ‘love’ their hair, does it make it less special and heartfelt since I’m saying the same thing to multiple people and throwing around the word? The concept of truly loving something is incredibly vast and almost incomprehensible and I definitely can’t wrap my head around it fully. This is why I feel like I should be careful when I use it since its such a deep and meaningful word.

Now for ‘hate’. I hardly ever use the word but I think about it a lot. I tell people I hate homework, I hate school, I hate certain celebrities. I don’t think I really hate these things though. Homework is inconveniencing but fine, and if it weren’t for school then I wouldn’t have some of my closest friends and best memories. As for celebrities, they don’t really affect my life in such a way that I should detest them. I think that hate is a concept which, for me, evokes connotations of violence and war. I feel that, when we say we hate something, it becomes okay in our heads for us to do whatever we want in terms of this thing we hate, even if it’s damaging. Hate is the road to war and violence and it makes us believe that these things are okay. That’s why I’m trying to cut hate out of my life.

All photos by me, please ask permission before use!

Good vibes only,

– Sophie xx


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