Day 25 – Reminder


Today I just want to remind you that you are amazing. If you’re feeling unhappy about yourself then I urge you to take a look in the mirror, and find three things about yourself which you love. Tell yourself that you are intelligent, and amazing, and important because you are!

Remember to drink water today, and splash some cold water on your face if you’re feeling tired or out of it. Why not text a friend or a family member? Make some plans? If you’re bored, then get some paper and make a list. Write down your favorite songs, films, TV shows, whatever, and recommend some of them to a friend. Maybe you’ll bond over them.

If you’re upset, think of you and your best friend laughing together, I dare you not to smile. Try saying “boopedybop” in the deepest, most manliest voice you can. Try to growl “bubbles” with anger and rage. It’s hilarious.

Make sure you take care of yourself!

All photos by me, please ask permission before use!

– Sophie xx


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