Day 30 – Magic


If you know me, you’ll know I love reading. Whenever I encounter a great book, it’ll be pretty much all I think about until I’ve finished it. After years of reading fiction, writing fiction and generally being fascinated by fiction, I started to wonder about the worlds which authors create.

Harry Potter, for example, is set in a universe where magic is pretty much normal and daily routine. In The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, it’s perfectly fine for dwarves and elves to go running around. In Narnia, some kids find a magical world in a wardrobe as if somebody just left it there, waiting to be found.

It makes me sad.

Haven’t you ever pictured yourself in the book your reading? Or as a superhero in a movie? Nobody can tell me that they didn’t wonder about what they would wish for if a genie popped out of a lamp for them, like in Aladdin. Everyone’s mind drifts to universes where anything is possible.

I’ve started to wonder – why couldn’t I have been born in a magical universe like the ones we see on the daily in books and films and TV shows? Was I born in the only universe without magic?

Then I thought about the world which I live in. There’s no use dreaming of another world if I’m pretty much stuck in the one I was born in. Is there really no magic in today’s society? Or do we witness magic every day, and just overlook it?

Like when you give someone a present that they love and their face lights up; or when you laugh so hard that you can’t breathe; or when you have one of those days where everything seems to go right for you.

You can’t tell me that that’s not magic.

We can all make magic. It doesn’t matter how big or small a difference it makes. Compliment someone; share a smile. Tell a joke and make someone laugh. Heck, maybe even go out of your way to make their day.

When we do something to make someone else happy, that’s as magical as it gets.

All photos by me, please ask permission before use!

– Sophie xx


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