Day 32 – Calm

Some people get angry sometimes. That’s okay; it’s natural. If you didn’t get angry you wouldn’t be human. Sometimes, though, we get angry just at life. Everything seems like its out to get you. Sometimes we need some help to overcome that.

Next time your angry, do the most cliché thing ever, and take a deep breath for me.

Easy as that. In and out. Then just think about you taking in that air which was around you a few seconds ago. Imagine it, feel it, going down into you, spreading through into your lungs, making them expand. Feel it come flooding back up again and exit back into the air.

That air’s been on a journey through you, in and back out again. Think about now where it might go.

A tree could get it. It could take it in and use it to grow it’s branches stronger and sprout leaves from every spot. Kids will come and climb the tree; hang off of its branches, swing back and forth. Teens will carve their initials into it in an arrow heart; a long lasting reminder of a short lasting relationship. Adults will picnic underneath it; sheltered by the branches which your air helped to grow. You helped to do that. You helped to create countless memories with your air and that one tree.

Or your air could go to another person. Your air could be their last breath, or their first. It could give life to somebody. Your air could go to any person; it could go to multiple people, on a trip around the globe. It could end up drifting around the lonely writer – with greasy dark hair and an out of control beard. His apartment is cluttered with empty glasses and screwed up pieces of paper. He hasn’t slept in days and he’s on his ninth coffee since this morning but he has to, has to, stay up for just a few more hours, because he swears he’s on the brink of finishing his first draft.

Or it could float to the dreamy teen, sat on the carpeted floor of her cluttered room. After having read 6 books already this month, her head is in the clouds again. She’s imagining a world without prejudice and discrimination and homework – hoping that if she wishes hard enough she’ll end up there.

Your air could find its way to the struggling biology student, sat hunched over a neglected desk in a messy lab. She’s been looking down the microscope at the same miniscule cell for weeks now, and won’t give up on the experiment. She insists that she just needs one more day or two to study the specimen, since she’s on the brink of a breakthrough.

Point is, your air could end up anywhere, with anyone. The air which set up camp in your lungs for a while could now be anywhere. It could be with the most interesting of characters, or the most dull. Your air can take itself anywhere, and, by doing so, sort of takes a bit of you with it.

Next time your angry, think about all the amazing people you’ve shared your air with, how many lives the single particle can touch. Then think about yourself. You’re just a tiny particle in a whole lot of other particles, but you can still touch as many people’s lives as you want. Try to be angry at all the brilliant life on this planet. Try to feel rage at the pure wonder that is Earth, and humanity.

I don’t know what this is. And sciency people please don’t get angry if I got the stuff about air wrong. The post was meant to stop people being angry and start meaningful conversation, not to discuss air particles and their movement.

Anyway, thanks for reading. All photos by me, please ask permission before use!

– Sophie xx


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