Day 34 – Sparks

Throughout my few years on this earth, I’ve met countless people; made many friends. I’ve lost more than I can remember, but the best friends I have will stick by me and I’m going to do everything in my power to always stick by them. They’re special, and I love them.

I’ve encountered many personalities, and some are more interesting than others. This is one of my favourite personalities I’ve found, and this post was inspired by a friend of mine who has this personality, in my opinion. I’m calling this personality Sparks, because it reminds me of lighting sparklers on Bonfire Night when it’s freezing out. This is what my experience of people with this personality is.


They remind you of intricate jewelry on delicate silver chains, and long curly hair. They are crystals in winter sun; creating rainbows from the icy sunbeams and projecting colour across the room. They are like curling up under a crocheted blanket whilst turning the page of a leather bound book. They are white icing on top of cupcakes, like snow which has fallen on a mountain peak. They are sunrises when the sky is blue and glimmering rays can shine through the clouds. They are house plants and pressed flowers in forgotten journals; and cups of tea on a cold day. They are knitting needles clicking together in a dim room lit by a crackling wood fire. They are like cold showers and ice tea; refreshing and light, airy. They are clear, cool nights when you can see shooting stars. They are like laughing in pouring rain, sheltered only by a flimsy umbrella but being joyful still. They have natural, pure beauty like pale watercolour paintings. They sound like fireworks on New Years Day or like the sound of waves breaking on an empty beach. They are like isolated libraries and comfy knitted blankets. They are magical and beautiful and amazing and special.

Thanks for reading! This was a bit of a different post but I hope you enjoyed! All photos by me, please ask permission before use!

– Sophie xx


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