Day 36 – Summer

I’m doing another one of those personality things today and this personality is an amazing one. I’m calling it Summer because these people just bring light and laughter to a room.


They are sunlight pouring through large windows onto wooden floors into pools of golden sunbeams. They are bright citrus fruits in porcelain bowls and cotton wool clouds in bright blue skies. They are like fairy lights draped across pastel painted walls and vintage ice cream vans. They are picnics in parks; lying on endless grassy fields laughing with friends. They are patchwork quilts on cosy beds and homemade chocolate chip cookies. They are birthday cakes with candles and frosting; and balloons in all the colours of the rainbow. They are painted camper vans with wild designs and scattered patterned rugs. They are squashy bean bags and bright yellow sunflowers in vases. They are carelessness and fun and happiness.

Thanks for reading! All photos by me, please ask permission before use!

– Sophie xx


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