Day 37 – Lightbulbs

Today I’m doing ANOTHER one of the personality things. Today’s is called Lightbulbs because I find these people to always be full of bright ideas and bring light to those around.

Light Bulbs

They are a rainbow of brightly coloured sharpies weaving over paper, creating beautiful art. They are cresting waves on breezy days at the seaside; abandoned ivory seashells left lying on the sand. They are jingling keys dancing in a lock, inviting you Home. They are perfectly painted porcelain teacups full of steaming hot liquid. They are like vibrant citrus fruits; oranges, lemons and limes. They are peppermints and peacock feathers, and jars of homemade jam. They are colourful crystals and forgotten, overgrown gardens with mossy stone walls. They are old fashioned globes and wooden row boats on still rivers. They are desk lamps lighting up lost letters, full of tales from people preserved in paper. They are colourful umbrellas on grey, rainy days and quill pens gliding over old parchment. They are tyre swings in grassy fields and intricate tapestries. They are like lightbulbs; illuminating those around them. They are the moon and all the planets; all the colours and beauty of Mercury, Saturn, Neptune. They are beautiful and amazing and magical.

Thanks for reading! All photos by me, please ask permission before use!

– Sophie xx


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