Day 38 – Daisies

Today I’m doing another one of my personality thingies and this one’s called Daisies because Daisies are a sign of the coming of Spring. These people always bring light, joy and kindness to a room and are amazing friends.


They are tiny cacti and houseplants sitting on windowsills, at home with the sun. They are cosy rugs which you can roll around on laughing and comfy slippers padding around the house late at night. They are vintage cameras snapping perfect memories; old fashioned market stalls and butterflies flapping delicate wings. They are ferris wheels on fairgrounds full of fun. They are waves gently breaking on a pebble beach, and beautiful furniture made of driftwood bleached by the sun. They are little beach houses in pastel colours with windchimes and dream catchers. They are magical misty mornings and sprinkles on ice creams, and soothing bubble baths after a long day. They are antique bicycles and faded photographs in forgotten albums. They are baking cakes with friends; sloppily, messily, hilariously. They are loyalty and kindness and comfort.

Thanks for reading! All photos by me, please ask permission before use!

– Sophie xx


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