Day 44 (Overtime) – Some Descriptive Writing

Hi! Today I’m just posting some descriptive writing I did for an English class a while ago. Hope you enjoy!

Early November. The wind whistles and howls and pulls the cherry tree in the front garden every which way. Leaves are ripped away from the tree; an autumnal rainbow of crimson, amber and scarlet. Falling, twirling and fluttering down onto the frosted forest green grass like raindrops, the leaves fall into never-ending slumber. Peace. The tree is gargantuan in comparison to the leaves, and they’re now scattered haphazardly around the floor, like sprinkles on an ice cream.

The sky is a bleached blanket of monochrome. It envelopes the clouds. The sun, barely visible in the sea of mist, casts its light onto patches of glistening grass. The bitter cold, bottle green blades gradually thaw: ice melting, water dripping, sliding down the spear of green, returning to the soil.

The flower bed at the end of the garden is decaying. The flowers draw their last breath. They wilt and they bow their heads in the dirt, dormant until Spring.

I want to prod and poke the crumpled leaves, regard their wrinkled faces. I want to smell the aroma of dewy grass mingling with the scent of wilting flowers, to hear the howling wind scream into my ears. I want to feel the iridescent sun warm my skin as the wintry wind nips at my heels and the icy air sends shivers down my spine.

Thanks for reading! All photos by me, please ask permission before use!

– Sophie xx


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